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Is the Pokemon GO Apk Worth Downloading?

If you are a parent, you are probably wondering if the Pokmon GO apk is worth downloading and playing. The truth is, the apk is free, but you are required to pay in-app purchases if you want to access more features. This article will provide you with the basics of the game. It also covers its various features, including gameplay, bugs, locations, and power-ups.


Though the game is a few months old, it has already generated a huge amount of hype. Combining nostalgia, competition, and augmented reality, Pokemon GO is a hit with gamers worldwide. The game also has aspects applicable to the event world. Let’s explore some of the key features of the game. First, let’s talk about the game’s interface. It’s somewhat different from the official release, though.

Ingress is similar to Pokemon GO, but uses a mobile device. Ingress players will get a map, and as they move around, Pokemon will appear. Players will then try to capture these creatures, and once they’ve caught them, they can use them to fight other players. Unlike in the previous games, Pokemon GO allows players to lose a Pokeball, which makes them learn to capture the right Pokemon.

In addition to the graphical interface, Pokémon GO features a new battle system. The combat system is clunky and the game often feels like a chore. Players also collect Stardust to build teams, trade Pokemon, and evolve their Pokémon. Thankfully, Niantic has addressed these issues and improved the game for all levels. If you’ve been playing Pokemon GO for some time, you’ve probably already been through a few of these issues.


The Friend List is not loading properly for some users. Trainers also report receiving a network error when attempting to complete a task requiring them to defeat three Team GO Rocket Leaders. While Niantic Support has acknowledged that this issue is not being addressed in the game yet, the developer has a workaround available for the Snapshot bug. Users are advised to upgrade to the latest version of the game in order to resolve the problem.

Despite the recent updates, players are reporting several bugs in the game. One of the major bugs affecting players’ ability to capture Galar region Pokemon is that the game will not authenticate them properly. Niantic has confirmed that the issue has been fixed for the Google Play Store version, and that a future update will address the problem for Apple and Samsung. The company is aware of these issues, and they are working to fix them as quickly as possible.

Other common Pokemon are the Ledian, Volbeat, Kricketune, and Araquanid. While all of these Pokemon have different roles in PvP and PvE, the Bug type has particular weaknesses that require careful consideration. A bug Pokemon is likely to evolve quickly, and its traits are suppressed for this reason. Additionally, it can cost 50 or 100 candies to evolve one of these Pokemon.


In Pokmon GO, power-ups are used to boost a Pokemon’s level. The maximum level a Pokemon can achieve is indicated by a white semi-circle above its head. Power-ups also increase the CP of a Pokemon. These changes will show up in the summary screen as animations. If your Pokemon gains a maximum HP increase, its remaining HP will increase by the same amount. If your Pokemon faints while being powered up, you’ll revive it with the increased HP.

In Pokmon GO, power-ups are available to use to increase your Pokemon’s stats and catch rate. Power-ups increase CP by increasing a Pokemon’s level by 0.5, and you can use them to catch more Pokemon. You can power-up more than once with each Power-Up, and if you catch a Pokemon that evolves, you can use the same Power-up over again.

Pokmon GO players need to follow the metagame and power up their Pokemon accordingly. They should pay attention to what’s coming up, such as raids and Gym battles, in order to maximize their performance in battle. This strategy can be quite helpful if you’re struggling to find the best way to power-up your Pokemon. There are many ways to level-up your Pokemon without losing your progress.


There are a number of different locations in Pokmon GO, and figuring out where to go can help you get more Pokemon. Certain locations have insane spawn rates and have a higher chance of attracting shiny Pokemon. The best places to find regional shiny Pokemon, rare Pokemon, and many Pokestpos and gyms are the top choices. These locations are the ideal spots to catch rare Pokemon, participate in a January Community Day, or simply enjoy a day of Pokemon hunting.

You can also collect items for free at PokeStops. Simply tap the location to get the item, or spin the Photodisk to collect more. When you’re near one of these locations, they will turn purple and unavailable for five minutes. Some of the Pokmon GO locations also feature a Lure Module, which increases spawn rates of certain Pokemon for 30 minutes. These locations sometimes offer higher rewards than the average tasks you can complete.

Another way to find Pokemon in new areas is to use the spoofer app. This app will allow you to impersonate other people or locations and catch more Pokemon. This is ideal for people on the go, but it’s important to be sure you have a reliable internet connection when using this method. Additionally, some people have reported getting soft banned after changing locations often. So, be careful when using spoofer apps.

151 Pokemon Go to catch

Although there are 151 Pokemon to catch in Pokmon Go, not all of them are actually catchable on one account. Some of them can only be caught in Raids, while others can be acquired through trading or exploration. Here are some things to keep in mind when catching Pokemon in the game:

Besides catching the 151 required Pokemon, players can also earn some bonus XP. Getting each Pokemon type will grant you 5100 XP, 3x Rare Candy and 1510 Stardust. It might seem difficult, but catching these Pokemon will help you level up your game. Here are the 151 types of Pokemon to catch in the game. You can also trade them in exchange for other items.

Before you can trade your XP for a shiny Mew, you need to complete a research quest. The All-In-One 151 is a Masterwork Research line, and you can only get it if you participated in the Kanto Tour event. It is possible that Niantic will eventually make the shiny Mew available for other players as well. In any case, it will take time to complete this quest.

To unlock the first Masterwork Research, you must complete the Kanto Tour Special quest. In order to do it, you must have at least 40 levels, catch 151 Pokemon of each type, complete 151 PokeStops, and walk 151 kilometers. Once you have finished this quest, you’ll be rewarded with a shiny Mew! If you’re looking for a unique and challenging way to catch 151 Pokemon in Pokmon GO, then try out the All-in-One!

Adventure sync option

Having problems with the Adventure Sync option for your Pokmon Go game? Luckily, Niantic has a guide for that. Follow the steps below to find the solution to this problem. You’ll have to reach level five to use this option. Then, simply follow the instructions on your device to connect the game to your fitness app. Once connected, your game will automatically track your location, steps, and other activities.

To begin with, you’ll have to make sure that Pokemon GO is listed as an active application in your device’s settings. If it’s not, it’s best to disconnect it from Google Fit or Apple Health. After that, enable Adventure Sync and link it to Google Fit. Once this is done, the app should be listed under the “connected services” section. If it’s still not working, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Then, make sure you have permission to access your location data. Then, open the privacy section on your device and tap on Motion & Fitness. Then, tap on Location Services and tap “Always allow.” Some smartphones have a battery optimization feature that turns off a lot of features to conserve battery life. One of these features is the GPS. If you don’t want it to be disabled, you can change the GPS accuracy mode to “High” and relaunch the Pokmon Go game app.