Stick War Legacy Mod APK (Unlimited Money)


Although it was just released not long ago, the downloads of this strategy game have reached tens of millions. Most players rate this game very highly. After all, what is the reason why Stick War: Legacy APK Menu is so famous and loved.
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Max Games Studios
Mar 7, 2023
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Stick War: Legacy MOD APK full diamond is one of the most popular strategy action games in the world, this game is conceptualized and published by Max Games Studios. With a fairly classic design that reminds you of prehistory that has been learned through books, and the familiar stick figure design that has appeared in many classic games, you will get Very entertaining and stimulating time.

Building on a good and dramatic storyline

When you become a player of the game Stick War: Legacy MOD APK full of gold and diamonds, you will play the role of a talented, wise king who rules over a rich and warlike ancient empire. And of course not just being a king, there are many other empires that are equally powerful, and the rulers of those kingdoms will not pass up any opportunity to invade your country and open up your country. expand their territory. Become the strongest empire and destroy all those who intend to threaten the land you own. To do this, an abundant economic resource to be able to invest a large amount of weapons as well as a strong army is a prerequisite. Whether you want to invade other countries or not is entirely up to a king like you. A good story with reasonable details will make you get caught up in the tasks related to it at any time.

Because this is built in the form of a strategy game, instead of just controlling one character, specifically the king, what you should do is to command an entire army of stickmen with mighty warriors. best. What to maintain and develop such a large army is a smart and wise strategy, no commander can make others submit with just words or a passionate heart. Your army is divided into Soldiers, Swordsmen, Wizards and Giants. When the strategy is really right, combined with the most powerful weapons, victory is also understandable. In particular, the power from the mystical spells of the spell will make your army have a magical development.

Money, equipment and super weapons in the latest Stick War: Legacy MOD

Have you ever wondered why a strong economy affects a country so much? The main reason is that every other aspect requires money to be able to maintain and develop, especially military, is armament. In Stick War: Legacy MOD full of gold and diamonds, too, for the military to be truly powerful, you need a lot of gold to invest in warriors, armory and other factors. When you can’t go to battle, you should focus on exploiting resources on your own territory. There will be a large force of workers and miners ready to work continuously day and night to extract metals (gold), gems from mineral mines. Whether the productivity and quality of this team is improved will depend on whether the king cares about them or not, remember to upgrade the miner workers to increase your country’s gold reserves.

Fierce battles decide the destruction of a nation

The battles in Stick War: Legacy MOD APK require careful calculation, every move needs to be careful so that your army suffers as little damage as possible. The countries you are about to confront all have their own strengths and extremely modern weapons, not the average destructive power. One is to perish, the other is to gain the spoils (weapons, equipment …) and rise strong, no matter how much you love peace, you can’t forever give in or surrender to the aggressive empires outside. that. Think back to real-life wars, how fierce and catastrophic they are, when efforts to find a common voice go nowhere, war breaks out.

So prepare a good mentality, as long as you have a reasonable enough strategy and an invincible squad, you can win them all.

In the arrangement of battle formations, you need to have an overview and understanding of your warriors, Swordsmen, Soldiers will be on the frontline, approaching closer to the enemy and Archers will approach. From a distance, aim and shoot real arrows to defeat the enemy. Particularly the Giants are the strongest, they can pioneer attack, even protect many other warriors. When the opponent’s turret is gone, the victory belongs to your army, so remember to command wisely and correctly!

Diverse game modes, stimulating players in Stick War: Legacy MOD APK Android

Stick War: Legacy MOD APK for free provides gamers with a lot of game modes, specifically including classic mode, Survival mode and Tournament. To me, survival mode is the most attractive and stimulating, because your army of stickmen warriors must try to survive in another scary world called Zombies. When participating in the Tournament mode, you need to prepare mentally to fight the empire built by other players in the world.


In addition to the attractive strategic combat gameplay, diverse modes and the appearance of stickman warriors, the graphics of this game will not disappoint you. All curious concerns will be resolved when you experience it for yourself. Link to download Stick War: Legacy MOD APK is here. Just click and everything is ready.