Subway Surfers Mod APK 3.9.0 (Unlimited Money)


You will be given a kettle of super fast surfboards and jump on it. Your job in Subway Sufers APK will be to control an obstacle course and eat a lot of bonuses while trying to escape, not to fall into the hands of a fastidious inspector.
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SYBO Games
Mar 14, 2023
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Subway Surfers MOD APK latest version is an endless running obstacle course game created by publisher Kiloo & Sybo and released in 2012 in Denmark. The free Subway Sufers MOD APK game has reached 1.8 million downloads according to Sybo game statistics in 2021. Up to now, Subway Sufers for free is a game played by gamers among the most among all games. similar obstacle course game.

Exciting challenge in Subway Surfers APK

There are many types of obstacles to challenge you in the game. Initially you will be jogging and trying to escape from the canines of the hound with the old train patrolman. After overcoming certain obstacles and stepping through a magical portal, you will be given your own skateboard with a higher sliding speed but also more difficulty to control.

Increasingly, the farther you run, the more focused you will need to be as the obstacles start to appear denser and come faster. You also need to collect as many coins that appear on the track as possible because they can be used to unlock special abilities and more modern game equipment, making you faster and easier to control. furthermore.

Simple gameplay of Subway Surfers MOD APK for free

The game is built on extremely simple gameplay. You can completely play the game with one hand on your phone. For this gameplay, the most challenging thing is your quick reflexes. Use the forms of swiping up, down, left and right to control Jake to dodge obstacles and eat more coins, and avoid being arrested by the inspector.

You are allowed to make 2 mistakes. But on the 3rd time you will be caught by the inspector because every time you make a mistake or don’t dodge the obstacles, you will be slowed down by 1 beat and the inspector is always right behind.

Besides, when you upgrade special skills in Subway Surfers APK, you will have the privilege to unlock different characters and control panels for easier character control.

What’s more, when you hunt for prizes given out daily in My Tour, you’ll get special rewards.

During runs, pay attention to special items that appear on the track. Collect them to give your character special abilities and skills in a short time. For example, it is possible to suck the coins back without passing or run 2 times faster, far ahead of the train inspector.

Upgrade in Subway Surfers Mod APK

As a standard action game, just good gameplay is not all for Subway Surfers APK. The game is a smooth combination between upgrading stats and skills of the game, the new screen is really excellent.

The game gives us four stats

  • Speed: Where we can raise the score so that our character can run faster than the leopard guard who is lurking behind
  • Resources: Points we can raise to double, triple, infinitely multiply the value of each gold as we collect along the way, this branch is extremely important for those who like to experience the game in a unique way. Try Hard, where the little heroes can fly freely
  • And two more features I hope you personally experience Subway Surfers APK so that we have the most objective view of this extremely interesting game.

Ranking System in Subway Surfers APK

The farther you run, the more coins you can eat, the higher your score will be. You can invite your friends to download Subway Sufers MOD APK now to compete together to see who will get the higher score. The game’s ranking system will be connected to your social network, so you can see who is playing the game with you. Try to control Jake to run far away from the reach of the fastidious inspector.

Subway Surfers Graphics and Sound APK

Game designers from Denmark have brought you an extremely detailed and designed game with top-notch graphics and vivid sound.

Any action of the character is voiced, making you feel completely immersed in the escape journey of the boy Jake. And the music is very cheerful and suitable for the style of the game.

The game’s graphics also change according to your playing levels. The more you run, the faster the obstacles will come and the more difficult types of obstacles will start to appear.


Publisher Sybo Gmae has done a great job in a game with simple but extremely attractive gameplay like in Subway Sufers APK. This is a game worth trying when you are a big fan of this simple but highly reflexive gameplay. Let’s play now Subway Surfers MOD APK for free on your device and experience it.