Alight Motion Mod APK (PRO Unlocked)

Alight Motion Pro APK is an application with all the features of a professional graphics application. This application supports multiple layers of graphics, video and audio to bring the best quality to the product. It is sure to satisfy even the most demanding users. It's also integrated into the app, and the vector graphics can be edited directly on the smartphone. The following article will introduce you to the detailed information about this Alight Motion Pro application for Android!
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Alight Motion
Mar 13, 2023
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If you are a regular Facebook user, you are probably familiar with GIF animations. It is an animation that has the task of conveying a certain message. Or animated avatars, recent Facebook short videos. They are fun, aren’t they? In the past, creating animations or GIFs was difficult and often required specialized software on the computer. But now, the world has entered the era of technology explosion 4.0, creating them has become extremely easy. Just a phone with Alight Motion Pro APK software is enough for you to unleash your creativity.

Alight Motion Pro Mod is an excellent mobile graphics, visual effects, short video and short video processing application. Developed by publisher Alight Creative, Inc., it was one of the first professional software on smartphones capable of handling motion graphics. With Alight Creative, Inc., you can edit and animate simply and professionally. Look no further than creating your own animations, GIFs that don’t keep up with the trends of young people, download Alight Motion Pro for the best quality images.

Some parameters you should know:

  • Alight Motion Pro Platform: iOS 12.2 or later, Android 6.0 or later
  • Size: iOS ~ 119.8 MB and Android ~ 132 MB
  • Application Type: Tools
  • Publisher: Alight Creative, Inc

8 main functions of Alight Motion Pro application

More and more people download Alight Motion Pro APK because of its great features. Those functions are shown below:

Alight Motion Pro Provides multiple layers of graphics and sound

With the Alight Motion Mod app, you can manipulate and use multiple layers of graphics to create more vivid, lifelike, and sharper images and videos. During use, you can fast forward, rewind or select Quick Play to review your images.

Alight Motion Pro APK customize and change your image color

Alight Motion Pro English app has a very complete color picker where you can choose from popular default colors or unique and beautiful blends.

Alight Motion Pro Mod with a collection of 20+ unique effects and backgrounds

When using the Alight Motion APK application, you can search and choose effects by different themes, such as love, nature, bright, colorful, 3D, unique wallpaper or change change. and novelty.

Alight Motion APK helps to customize and change the image size and quality

The Alight Motion Pro application for Android synthesizes many image sizes for you to choose from, there are many different sizes and frames, you can choose to use the default size or create your own image size. In addition, at this interface, you can choose and change the image quality, playback speed and wallpaper as you like.

Choose a filter for your photo or video on Alight Motion Pro for Android

The Alight Motion APK app offers you more than 30 different and unique sets for you to choose from. It is extremely important and necessary to use filters that match the subject of images and videos, you should search and choose filters that match the theme you want to convey.

Alight Motion Pro English helps you to edit vector graphics on your phone screen

One of the great things about the Alight Motion APK app is that you can quickly and easily edit vector graphics directly on your phone screen. Vectors are optional and you can easily add, change, and resize.

Easily add text and choose fonts on Alight Motion APK

When editing images or videos (on the Alight Motion APK app), you can add meaningful text, quotes or sentences to your photos. In addition, the Alight Motion application also provides many different font formats for you to choose from.

Allows you to download photos or videos to your device in various formats on Alight Motion Pro

The Alight Motion Pro Mod application allows you to download photos or videos to your device in a variety of formats and formats (e.g. video, GIF, photo) depending on your preference. In addition, you can share photos or videos directly to today’s popular social networking sites.

In addition, the Alight Motion Pro Mod application also provides many unique photo and video effects for you to customize to make the product look more professional. In other apps, you have to align each pixel to animate it. But with this app, everything is available. You just need to browse and find the animation frame you like, then install the picture you want.


Alight Motion Pro allows you to easily edit photos and videos with an extremely diverse, unique and complete set of editing tools. Download now the Alight Motion Pro Mod application to your device to experience more attractive features of the application!