CapCut Pro Mod APK 7.9.0 (Premium)


Capcut Vietnameseization has the great advantage of being compatible with the world's two largest operating systems, IOS and Android, so it is very popular with everyone. Cap Cut Pro was originally called Viamaker but was renamed by the manufacturer not long ago.
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Mar 15, 2023
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Users can completely download Capcut for free and use all functions of the application comfortably without registration, login or recharge. Besides, Capcut Pro APK’s features are extremely diverse and useful so that you can edit and create extremely creative video clips. Then post it on social media to show off to friends and family.

Features of Capcut Pro Vietnameseization

Paste stickers and text in the video

Capcut Pro APK Vietnameseization allows you to add sticker stickers to photos or videos, helping you to be confident and creative when expressing your personality. Besides, you can add text comments to videos or photos without any limitation.

Easy to use

The application allows you to crop and stitch images together. You can completely create a unique photo. Creativity has never been so simple when you can bring your monotonous videos to life with the functions available in Capcut Pro APK Vietnameseized.


The application, in addition to cropping photos and videos, also allows you to customize the brightness, tone and change the frame. Besides, the application also provides you with color filters for you to freely create unique movies. You can freely explore the huge effect store of Capcut Pro APK Vietnamese

Add music to video

You can also use Capcut to combine music into your videos with a huge music store built into the application, diverse genres and styles. Depending on your interests, you will create your own videos with a unique charm thanks to the way you edit videos. To create a prominent clip on social networks, Capcut APK is an indispensable application. It is also because of this advantage that the new application ranks at the top of the Google Play rankings.

Good quality

You can also cut out segments of the video and combine them into small videos or reverse the video, changing the playback speed to make you feel free to show off your personality to friends and family.

Moreover, the quality of the output video is always at the highest level, so you no longer have to worry about the edited video being broken.

Besides, the most popular stickers on social networks are also regularly updated by the developer, giving you more options in creating and expressing your own ego, becoming a standout person. in the eyes of friends.


The application has many outstanding utilities such as editing clips, inserting pictures, stickers, text, music into videos for free and easy. You just:

  • Select add new project, then add the video clip you want to edit
  • Choose video templates, filters that suit your ideas and stitch them together. The application’s filter store is extremely diverse for you to choose from.
  • Extremely simple and easy to use video editing tool. You can crop, increase playback speed, reduce playback speed, customize light and dark, change view rate and change color for videos.
  • Add stickers and braille on videos. You can also adjust the effects to only show up for a short part of the video or the entire video.
  • Once you’re done editing and cropping your video, click the button in the lower right corner of the app’s screen. Another advantage of Capcut APK is that you can export videos very quickly, less than 1 to 2 minutes is a hot shimmering video has been born.

Capcut APK is also directly linked to Tik Tok, so after completing your work, you can easily share your videos and images on this social networking site with just a few taps. extremely simple.

You can also use Tik Tok’s copyrighted songs in the “Templates” section of Capcut APK and then save them to your device. Now you can use them as the music of the application. Super easy to add to your existing videos.

Besides, Capcut APK also has its own social networking site for you to freely post your works with people with the same interests to make more new friends, follow special and talented creative artists to learn with its own account.


Capcut APK is an extremely convenient application for you to edit videos and images. Usage is extremely simple and convenient compared to other video editing applications on the market. That’s why the application received a towering rating on the app rankings or distributors. What are you waiting for without immediately downloading Capcut Pro Vietnamese and immediately experiencing its special features.