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April 27, 2022
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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Apk

DRAGON BALL Z DOKKANN BATTLE is a new fighting game starring the characters from the Dragon Ball series. The game has a counter between each genre, which indicates a character’s strength as it moves around a circle. It has an easy-to-use interface and offers a wide variety of weapons and characters. DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE is available for both Android and iOS devices.


If you love the anime series, you will definitely love Dragon Ball Z: DOKKAN BATTLE! This action-packed game features a simple yet addictive gameplay, which will keep you hooked for hours! The gameplay revolves around linking Ki spheres in battle to power up and battle other players! There are many unique characters to choose from, and you’ll love the way the game is designed to accommodate your pace!

The game is free to download, and you can play it on your Android device. DRAGON BALL Z: DOKKAN BATTLE APK features a variety of different modes, including one that allows you to play as a god! The game is available for Android devices with Android 4.4 and up, and is safe for children. It has a 4.2-star rating on Google Play, and includes features such as unlimited dragon stones, god mode, and enhanced damage! You can even play as a character from the Dragon Ball Z universe!

The game also features a board-game-style map with an original story and re-imagined classics. Although this game contains in-app purchases, you can disable them in your device’s settings. There is no piracy or cheating involved, and the developers claim that they’ve followed the rules of the Android Market to protect your privacy. There’s no need to worry, though, as the Dragon Ball Z: DOKKAN BATTLE APK is distributed under the official rights of the license holder.

Dragon Ball Z: DOKKAN BATTLE ATK mod offers unlimited dragon stones, unlocked all levels, and more! The game’s RPG and action elements are equally present. Using unlimited dragon stones is a great way to get unlimited money, dragon stones, and more. You can also unlock all of the levels for free. There are even mods that remove ads so you can play without ads.


The first thing you should know about the Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is that it’s not a normal video game. Instead of using the same characters that everyone else uses, you build your own team of characters. In this game, you can also activate Link Skills. Several of the characters in the game are exclusive to this mode. It’s a lot of fun to create your own team!

The gameplay in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is simple but addictive. The gameplay revolves around Trunks of the Future, a member of the Time Patrol. He’s recruited by Kaio of the North to investigate the cause of dimensional distortion. As he investigates the source of this, he learns about a mysterious person who’s targeting martial arts masters.

Dokkan Battle features four characters. You can summon them as a summoned character or as an unsummoned character. The main difference between the two is that LR Pan’s character is not a summon. LR Pan does not receive premium Potential System buffs. He was initially not intended to be an LR character, and his SSR card was released on the 2nd Anniversary as a free SSR. He obtained his dokkan awakening during the 4th Anniversary. Once he did this, his HP stat and base stats went up massively.

Each Anniversary introduces a new feature. Some of these features are released earlier in the Global Version than in the Japanese version. Active Skills were introduced during the Japanese Version’s Anniversary Celebrations. This Anniversary is divided into three parts, the Global Version is released on July 7th and the Japanese Version begins in early August. You can play the game with up to four players or with the world-wide co-op campaign.


If you’ve been following the new Dragon Ball games and have been wondering how to play them, Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is the game for you. This action-packed game combines the best elements of the anime universe with simple yet addictive gameplay. Link up your Ki balls to fight other players and perform powerful attacks with them. You can even use the same characters you play as in the anime to help you defeat your opponents.

The game offers an extensive variety of story events that change every time you play. There are 4 different categories of events. Story events let you experience events from the original manga or anime and give you valuable items. Battle bad characters and fight renowned villains to earn valuable items. There are also plenty of fun and exciting boss battles. Besides fighting bad characters, Dragon Ball Z: DOKKAN BATTLE also has some new events that change regularly.

This action game also contains a large number of summonable units. However, it’s easy to become confused with the many choices and summoning options available. Trying to summon the wrong unit is a sure-fire way to lose a lot of Zeni and set yourself back. To avoid such a fate, try researching the characters online before pulling them. There are also a variety of storylines and maps to explore.

The game’s expansions are divided into different parts, each with its own themes. Part one features the free to play characters. In part two, the Dokkan Festival offers exclusive characters. Part three features the release of the Top Legendary Summon. This expansion also introduced the concept of Extreme Z-Awakening for Summonable LRs. In addition, there is a Free Guaranteed LR Multi Summon that continues to be available during the Japanese Version’s anniversary. This event also introduced a new Co-Op campaign for a total of 66 characters.


If you’re looking for a fun game that’s not too difficult, try downloading the Dragon Ball Z: DOKKAN BATTLe mod apk. This modified version of the game includes unlimited dragon stones and unlocked all characters. With these features, you’ll be able to face the toughest battles and never die! If you want to play the full version, you should enable Unknown Sources on your phone and install the mod.

DB: Dokkan Battle is a fun action game that features characters from the popular anime series. The game features an anime-like world and impressive action sequences. DB: DOKKAN BATTLE allows you to collect unlimited money, dragon stones, unlock all levels, and shop without ads. This game is so realistic, you’ll feel like you’re actually in the anime world!

The graphics in Dragon Ball Z: DOKKAN BATTLES are fantastic! The images are gorgeous and elicit feelings of nostalgia for fans of the original series. The game’s characters are drawn from the Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball S series, so fans will recognize familiar faces. While the game may be a little challenging, it’s worth it for the amazing graphics! It’s sure to become your new favorite game!

The game is a great choice for fans of Dragon Ball Z and anime games. The game features a variety of gameplay modes including RPG Story Events, Dokkan Events, World Tournament, and Extreme Z-Battle. You’ll also find iconic Super Attacks and the ability to train your favorite DB characters. It’s also possible to play solo or with up to four players.


“Dragon Ball Z: DOKKAN BATTLE Vs Dragonball Legends” is a fighting game featuring characters from the original Dragonball series. The action-packed game features a new battle system and a new game mode. In this new battle mode, players can fight alongside their favorite characters. Moreover, new characters are included in the game to add new and exciting twists to the game experience.

The game takes its inspiration from the popular manga series. Players will take the role of iconic Saiyans from Akira Toriyama’s work. They will take part in stunning 3D battles and fight alongside their favorite characters. There are over 150 different characters to battle, so players can play as the villains and the heroes of Dragon Ball Z. The game also introduces new characters that fans will be happy to meet.

The game starts with the Frieza soldiers attacking the Dragon Ball Z: DOKKAN BATTLES and a battle between Gohan and Piccolo. The team has just begun training when the frieza soldiers attack them. They have not had a chance to defeat our friends. In addition, the game also features several new characters, including Gohan, Zahha, and Goku.

Like the original game, Dragon BB Z: DOKKAN BATTLE Vs Dragon Ball Legends allows players to create teams of fighters. They then take the character into battle with other players. Players must destroy all enemies to advance in the game. During the battle, players must learn all the skills of their character and combine them to become the strongest. Using special abilities and attacks, players can even use Kamehameha to fight enemies.