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Music lovers in the world are no stranger to the name Spotify. This is the most popular music streaming application today with hundreds of millions of users. You can enjoy all kinds of music, listen to thousands of useful Podcasts of famous artists from everywhere for free. But it will be so much better if you upgrade your account, the new Spotify Premium APK is what makes many people loyal to this music streaming application.
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Mar 13, 2023
Varies with device
Varies with device
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Since its inception in 2008, Spotify has proven its position as one of the leading popular and prestigious music listening platforms with a series of undeniably remarkable achievements. Spotify’s downloads have reached more than 381 million, coverage in almost every country. Even metrics on this platform have become one of the important metrics for artists and professionals alike to assess the success and popularity of a music product.

Using Spotify MOD, you can not only listen to all genres of music (Pop, Classical, Hiphop R&B, Rock…) but also enjoy meaningful Podcasts, useful life experiences, opinions, lyrics Insightful advice from successful people before will make you learn a lot of valuable things. And if you are wondering if Spotify is free, the answer is yes. Just register an account with Google, Facebook or Email… and you can become an official user of this application.

Besides the above outstanding advantages, this platform still has certain limitations. Spotify APK’s huge music store will be limited to certain countries, not every singer’s Playlist you can listen to in full. Another limitation is the interruption of ads while you are immersed in your favorite song. This makes the listener feel quite annoying and disinterested. And also problems related to music quality, to listening to music online or offline… But fortunately, Spotify Premium MOD APK was born to solve all the above limitations.

What is Spotify Premium?

Simply put, Spotify Premium APK is a paid music service package recommended by the publisher. To be able to use it, you have to buy Spotify Premium with a regular fixed price of 59,000 VND / 1 month. In addition, the price may vary depending on the specific Spotify Premium package you choose.

As mentioned above, Spotify Premium gives you a more advanced and professional music listening experience, it seems that there are no factors that can affect the listening process, with the above price, everyone things are well deserved.

Users appreciate all the features of Spotify MOD APK Premium, paid use is no longer a rare thing, please respect the work of others, their brains and talents can’t be free forever. forever okay. As a true music lover, you will understand this rule.

And Spotify Premium Vietnam is having a much more favorable price than most other countries in the world. Publishers understand Vietnamese psychology is really not used to using paid fees, but they are still trying in our market and those efforts are gradually bringing certain effects.

What’s the difference between Spotify Premium and Free?

Looking at the specific differences between Spotify Premium MOD and Spotify Free MOD, you will see that the price you have to spend is not wasted at all:

The first is that the difference in the number of songs that you can access in the Free version will be different from the Premium version, specifically less. The built-in Playlist random player in Spotify Free mobile is really annoying, the songs you expect will rarely appear, but in the more advanced version, the Playlist is completely personalized, very rich and suitable for you.

Second, listening to music with Spotify Premium will certainly not have the same interstitial ads as when listening for free, this factor is really important, and there will be no way to make you less annoyed with the ads. when upgrading to Spotify Premium MOD APK.

Third, you will be listening to music in the highest quality (320kbps) rather than 160kbps or 96kbps like in the regular free version.

Fourth, with Spotify Premium you will not be limited to the transmission of songs, if you do not want to listen to this track before it ends, switch to another song, Spotify free will not be like that.

Finally, only Spotify Premium allows you to download songs to your device and listen to them anytime, anywhere, even without wifi or 3G. This feature is really worth your investment. Imagine being alone in a beautiful natural place, or going to a quiet place with few people, without internet, without waves, but still able to enjoy your favorite music, truly relaxing and wonderful. .

Current Spotify Premium plans

You can try Spotify Premium for one to three months before officially paying for the plan of your choice. Currently, the proposed Premium packages are quite rich and attractive, which are:

  • Spotify Premium Bundle for Individuals
  • Spotify Premium plan for students
  • Spotify Premium Bundle for Couples
  • Spotify Premium Plan for Family

You can choose to renew your Spotify Premium plan, 1 month, 1 year or Spotify Premium for life. And the price will be reduced at a preferential rate according to the renewal period.

How to sign up for Spotify Premium for a free account

The easiest way is to sign up for Spotify Premium and start a free 1-month trial. At the end of a month, you can completely cancel the renewal, but at the end of the time, the songs you save in the Download playlist will no longer exist, the outstanding features will of course also expire.

Some other ways you can try is the Spotify Premium Card, buying Samsung products, or quite difficult but worthy to become a Starbuck employee… You can find out more for yourself on how to sign up for Spotify Premium with a free Spotify account. free accounts from other sources.


Music is certainly an integral part of the lives of many of us. You want to enjoy it at its best, you want the music to soothe and make friends with us for a long time, then invest in it a little. I think that respecting the copyright and the efforts of artists to make music is a job that doesn’t lose or waste anything.

Just try to download Spotify APK 2022, it is the most popular application that can serve us in the most professional way. The decision to buy Spotify Premium or not is always up to you.